Estate Planning

At First Savings Wealth Management we understand that every family has different estate planning goals and needs. Our team is dedicated to developing financial legacies that last multiple generations. We assist our clients with customized estate planning unique to you and your financial situation. Having a plan in place that covers all aspects of your estate and end of life planning can provide confidence and makes things easier for your loved ones when you're gone.

Why it’s So Important

There is a common misunderstanding that estate planning is only meant to handle your post life affairs, but that’s not the case. A well thought out estate plan can also put provisions in places to protect your health and wealth should you become unable to make those decisions. Here are some examples of those protections:

  • Ensuring all of your expenses including your bills continue to get paid
  • Granting Power of Attorney for any future health decisions
  • Determining who will care for you if you are unable to care for yourself

Work With an Advisor to Create Your Estate Plan Today

At First Savings Wealth Management, we work with clients to create a plan that makes you feel confident about the future, knowing the legacy you leave behind is of your choosing. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

First Savings Wealth Management and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services.  Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

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